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Welcome To China Red

Welcome to China Red, located on Wood Hall Avenue, Bradford, serving Chinese and Oriental Food. Fancy Chinese food but haven't a clue where to start then why not order online from China Red and the food will be delivered right to your door at a time that's convenient to you. Then after you have eaten we would love to hear what you think of our food and service by leaving feedback.

Home Delivery Service

£1 Charge within 3 Miles Radius
£2 Charge Over 3 Miles Radius

Prawn Crackers with Orders Over £12
Mini Spring Rolls & Prawn Crackers with Orders Over £25
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings & Prawn Crackers with Orders Over £40

Open 6 Days a week :

Thursday - Tuesday : 4:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Wednesday Closed, Open All Bank Holiday
14 Major Allergens Alert
Most of our dishes contain Garlic, Soya, Gluten, Cooking Wine & Sesame Oil
Some of our dishes may contain these 14 allergens as follows:

If you have any allergies to these products please inform us before
ordering. We will do our best to advise you


Special Set Dinners

  • A1 For One Person.....£11.00

    Mini Spring Rolls (4)
    Spare Ribs (Dry)
    Chicken Balls (2)
    Chicken Curry
    Egg Fried Rice
    Can of Pepsi

    A2 For One Person.....£11.50

    Mini Spring Rolls (4)
    Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls (5)
    Chicken Chow Mein
    Egg Fried Rice
    Can of Pepsi
  • A3 For One Person.....£11.80

    Sesame Prawn on Toast (2)
    Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls (5)
    Beef with Green Pepper
    in Black Bean Sauce
    Egg Fried Rice Can of Pepsi

    B For Two Persons or More.....£25.00

    (For More than 2 Persons Add 9.50 Per Person)
    Crispy Mini Spring Rolls(8)
    BBQ Spare Ribs (Dry), Beef with Musharoom
    Sweet & Sour Chicken, Cantonese Style
    Chicken Rice (2)
    Prawn Crackers, Two Can of Pepsi
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